Building a raspberry phone

I am hoping to build a computer for work that can also replace my cell phone. I was 100% going to get the Sixfab HAT until I read that it requires GPIO pins AND USB connection for full functionality. Using my PCIe slot for the modem means sacrificing access to a SSD. What are the advantages to using a HAT if voice is my priority?

I was looking at the EC25-AF a couple months ago because it covered all Verizon North America frequencies but this modem no longer seems to be available. The -G model available now only seems to be missing the verizon frequency B66.

I don’t know anything abut cell tech - how important is missing 1 of 6 frequencies? I currently have a Samsung S9 that works well - has anyone who used a S phone used a modem for voice/SMS and can compare cell coverage?

I also do not understand voice vs data terminology and just want to confirm the EC25-G provides both. I have similar question about SMS vs MMS.

I am unclear on how reliable a computer with 4g modem will be at receiving calls. Can I expect to actually have my phone ring consistently when work calls or is this project doomed from the start?

I see an unlabeled box on the HAT. is this a headset jack?

questions less applicable to sixfab but maybe you can help:

My hope is to build a Raspberry Ubuntu computer to replace my work tablet and cell phone. I’m planning on printing a large case that will be more man-purse than cell phone sized so I’m looking for advice on what I can use to make a seperate handset. I want a cell-phone sized box that works like a wireless landline phone. I have seen bluetooth headphone jacks so my plan is to use this for voice, but I have no idea how to get a GUI on the handset. All I want is caller ID, a way to navigate my contact list, and a few buttons for basic flip phone functionality. I’m hoping not to invest another $100 for a touch screen - LCD is fine.

Any recommendations for Linux voice/SMS software to use for my project?