Booting to an earlier version of Raspberry Pi OS

Hi All,

I have been having problems with my Sixfab modem since I upgraded the Raspberry Pi OS a few days ago. The device always says “offline” now, and I am not able to get into it using the Remote Terminal from the web. I can ssh into it locally from my phone when on its Wifi network, but the internet connection is extremely spotty. Sometimes I will get a response from pinging, to test its cellular connection to the net, and most times will not get a response. AT+csq, which normally tells me the cell signal strength, says it doesn’t know what port to check. I am not able to successfully run the command sudo apt update because the internet connection fails during download from the server. Rebooting does not solve the issue. The Sixfab firmware is already up to date.

I have a previous copy of a working OS from this device from August 2022 that I could flash to the micro SD card, and plug back in. From Sixfab’s end, are there any potential problems with going back to a working saved state from the past?