BG96 Status Auto off

I can’t keep BG96 status in ENABLE.

The procedure is as follows.

  1. push the PWRKEY button.
  2. STATUS led shines red more.
  3. NETLIGHT led blinks.
  4. After some seconds, the STATUS led gets dark and NETLIGHT led doesn’t blink.

I want to keep BG96 status in ENABLE, but the STATUS led gets dark.
So I cannot make PPP-connection for this situation.

How can I improve this situation?

The following is this video.

Hi @yuki.seri ,

Please try it without the GPIO extender you are using.

Hi, @ensar
Thank you for your support.

I tried it, But I got the same situation.

I suspect the module is broken.
How can I make the health check for module?

I assume, you are using GPIO port Extender.
and the Sixfab HAT in the video you have sent is not attached in the right orientation. Please check the getting started tutorial on how the hardware setup is done. I am afraid, attaching the HAT in the wrong orientation has damaged the HAT.