Best way to buy?

I only see the kit and the hat available here - no antennas. I’d rather buy on Amazon to limit exposing my credit card # but I can only find the kit there, not the hat.

After doing some research it looks like I need an EC25-AF modem. For Verizon north America I need frequencies 2, 4, 5, 13, 66, & 46. but this modem does not seem to be an option for the kit.

I also don’t want a $25 sim card (Verizon is sending me a sim card that is attached to my phone #)

Finally, I have done no research on antennas - are the ones in the kit good? Is antennae quality even a thing worth considering?

considering price difference of $80 for hat/modem vs $135 for items I don’t want I am finding it very frustrating to give sixfab my money!

EDIT: the manual says sixfab core is only compatible with:
Quectel EC25 - A, E, EUX
does this include the EC25-AF?

The modem data sheets are confusing:
LE910Cx appears to support 5 of the 6 frequencies I want, but under Verizon it only lists 2 frequencies. Why does this data sheet divide frequencies by provider? Also, whereas most frequencies are “B#”, 66 is listed under AT&T as B4/66 - what does that mean?