Best practices for power saving?

I just got the Cellular IoT Hat, got it to work with PPP with Tello. I’m running it on top of a Raspberry Pi Zero and will be setting it up on a remote location with a solar charger and a battery. The Pi Zero in my current setup averages .05A while the combo with the sixfab hat is doing .20A, yeah significantly more.

My idea is to not leave the module on all the time so turn it on somewhere during the day, phone home with some stats and turn it off again.

Can someone point to some material about it? Have been searching about turning the module off and best practices but couldn’t find much.



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Hello Muanis,

For saving power you may completely cut off the power of the HAT when it is not in use.
Pulling POWER DISABLE (GPIO17) pin to HIGH will cut off the power from the HAT(src: link)