Battery with bigger capacity


I need to extend the operation of the Pi on battery for a long period of time, so I need to use another battery than the flat top unprotected 18650 battery.

What are the characteristics my battery should meet ?

  • Li-on or Li-po ?
  • 3.7V or other ?
  • a max capacity ?
  • JST-SFH connector ?

If I use an external battery, may I use the Qwiic connector with, for example, this Adafruit LC709203F LiPoly / LiIon Fuel Gauge and Battery Monitor ?

Thank you !

Hi Paul,

Both can be used.

No maximum capacity limit. It is enough to have 1 cell 3.7V.

You can plug an external single-cell 3.7V Li-on or Li-po rechargeable batteries when bigger capacities or special dimensions needed. Use JST-SFH connector(J5) with a suitable battery cable with it or you can solder cables to battery header(J9) by paying attention to the polarity.

The HAT already has a battery gauge but if you want to use external, the J1(Qwiic connector) is directly connected to Raspberry Pi, you can use it. When using, disable the I2C pull-up resistors on your board.