BaseHAT change protocl from ECM to PPP

So, I have BaseHAT with Telit LE910CI and I have successfully connected to the internet with ECM - Thank you, @ensar for bearing with my misunderstandings during this process.

However, I really need a remote client to connect with my Pi, and for that purpose it looks like I need either PPP or QMI (see your tutorial - in order to get an IP address. Can I simply install one of these protocols (using your installer scripts) over the ECM without “uninstalling” anything from the modem?

I would like to use QMI as it is said to be faster. Is it available for the Telit modem? Or is PPP recommended as easier to work with?

Thanks for your help, @j.b.pilkington

Hi @j.b.pilkington,
Thank you for your kindness.

Firstly, to change the protocol, change the configuration back to AT#USBCFG=0 then follow the PPP tutorial:

Yes, it’s available. Please follow this tutorial:

Thank you.

@j.b.pilkington thanks for blazing the path! Getting close to having QMI working, thanks for leaving all the clues on the forums. Almost there.

Hi @nik, Well done. It appears I can’t use QMI as I don’t have the driver. Following @ensar’s tutorial, I’m sure PPP would work - but I also find I had a misconception about why I needed PPP/QMI rather than ECM. So, sticking with ECM foir the moment until it proves inadequate for the task in hand.

Hmm. I’ve been going round and round with ECM & QMI today. ECM doesn’t automatically start on reboot, and QMI has so many stumbling blocks and errors I’m packing it in for now.

@nik, I’ve seen various posts on starting minicom on reboot so it should be possible; then there is this:

which suggests how to send commands when minicom starts.

Could be helpful? I will be needing to do this eventually