Base HAT with Telit modem wwan0 not associated wih anything

I configured the Base HAT with PPP following the instructions. But I cannot get Chrome to connect to the web other than through my wireless network wlan0. The pi desktop tells me wlan0 associated with my home network and configured with the expected IP address. But wwan0 is associated with “” (nothing), though it appears to be configured OK at

My questions:

  1. What should it be associated with;
  2. How to achiecve that?

Thank you for any help

Hi @j.b.pilkington,

If you have successfully set up the PPP connection,the ppp0 interface should appear in the ifconfig output. You can test this with the command below:
ping -I ppp0 -c 5

@j.b.pilkington are configured for using UART or USB to connect? ttyUSBx or ttySx?