Band 71 for EC25-A

I recently purchased the Quectel EC25-A for use with the RPi 4b on T-Mobile, but the carrier is saying that the device doesn’t support Band 71 for T-Mobile and won’t work. Is this device not T-Mobile compatible?

The Quectel EC25A is compatible with AT&T and T-Mobile for bands; LTE-FDD B2/B4/B12 and WCDMA B2/B4/B5.

For band 71, the module OEM has different variants(EC25AF and EC25AFX)

Details available in the module specification.

You can use 4G kit with LE910C4-NF which supports Band 71.

Your system is saying my ICCID on my T-mobile SIM card is invalid. Is that a system incompatibility issue or more likely something with the carrier?

By system, do you please the sixfab connect platform?
This platform is only for sixfab SIM only

Is it now possible to use carrier direct SIM cards on a six fab hat/LTE module?

Is it not possible to use carrier direct SIM cards on a SixFab hat/LTE module?

You can use any compatible SIM card with the EC25-A module.
sixfab CORE solution is only available for sixfab SIM card.

You may use PPP, QMI tutorials for the other SIM cards.
You may also follow the user guides provided by the module OEM Quectel.