Backend / JSON description of SIM

How can I get information related to the SIM card as seen in the SIM card detail page at This information is retrieved using the following JSON request …

… which returns a JSON packet containing data like the ICCID, SIM name, SID, usable_interfaces, active_interface, signal_quality, etc.

In this case I’m just looking to obtain the signal strength, but these other values are also useful.



Hi @figital,

You can use Sixfab Develepor API to get Sixfab SIM related information. We do not currently have support for data related to CORE devices.

Is that the only information available through that API? name, sid, and iccid? Because that’s information I would already know. I suppose “active” status is valuable (but is rather obvious). Otherwise I’m not seeing the point of the API. (Especially when this other data is obviously accessible by the admin console).

Is this something planned for a future release?
I guess there must be a difference between “Sixfab CORE” and Sixfab SIM" I wasn’t previously aware of.


We have no such plans at the moment. If you want, you can get the signal strength with the AT+CSQ AT command.

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Got it. Thank you for confirming this.