AT#FWSWITCH=0 produces error on telit le910c4-nf

I had previously set my module to AT#FWSWITCH=1 in order to try a verizon sim card, and now I want to switch back to AT#FWSWITCH=0 but I am getting an error on some cards and not others. I don’t know why this would be or what to do about it.


To see the result code of the error, enable the verbose error reporting with AT+CMEE=2, then try to run the AT commands you get the error.

Thanks. It says +CME ERROR: operation not supported. I’m wondering if it is one of the list of settings that’s getting the error instead of the command in general.


I’m wondering if it’s easier just to restore factory defaults. But I have not yet figured out how to do that.

There is a command AT&F that reset to the factory value in the user profile of NVM: AT&F reset only base section, AT&F1 reset full section.
But please note that profiles have only the same of commands value - please refer to section 2.3 in AT UG.
Some of the commands keep their value in NVM outside of the profile, so to reset them you need to change them one by one or perform full FW updating (TFI, for example).