AT commands being sent automatically?

When communicating with the modem via minicom, I’ve noticed AT commands getting sent to the modem automatically on a regular basis. The commands I’m seeing are: ATE0, AT+CGACT?, AT+COPS?, AT+CGDCONT?, AT+QCFG, AT+CPIN, and occasionally AT+CFUN=1,1.

Is this normal behavior? It’s a bit difficult to manually issue AT commands when I’m constantly interrupted by the automatic commands.

I wonder if you are running with the Sixfab Core software?

Ahh, yep, that would make sense. Thanks for the pointer!

This is normal if you are using the same COM port as the Core is.
Are you on ttyUSB1?

You can use a different USB com port.

If this is with a Telit module, you have either two or three COM’s attached to the modem.
Try using ttyUSB2 or ttyUSB3

Whichever gives to a response to AT is useable and will be clear.

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