Antenna recommendations

I’m looking for recommendations for Really Good antennas with SMA connectors that are suitable for Sixfab devices, both for cellular and GPS.

This antenna on your site looks good for cellular:

Although I am not clear if I should use that for the diversity or main antenna, or have one of those for each. Do I really need both antennas?

I’m thinking this antenna looks good for GPS:

I’m also curious if the above antenna would work fine for cellular as well.

Hi @davidbonn ,

It can be used for both, but if you are going to use a single antenna, you should use it as the main antenna.
The Linx ANT-LTE-MON-SMA-E antenna is optimized for LTE-M and NB-IoT. Our 5G High-performance antenna might work better for CAT4 high-speed LTE. The following antenna will work fine:

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