An S2 short press not turning on RPi

I can start/restart my RPi4 using a short press on S1, and can do a hard shutdown with an S2 long press. Additionally, I’ve done a soft shutdown with a long press on S2, but I can’t power on via a S2 short press. Am I doing something wrong?

(currently L1 has a red hearbeat blink, and L2 is blinking green)

Hi @mckimzey,
For soft power on, the pogo pin needs to be soldered.

We will soon add the usage video and document to the docs.

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Does the pogo pin need to be soldered to the hat or to the rpi4?

Soldered to the hat.
Put the hat in place. Place the pogo pin in place. Make sure it is touching the correct spot on the RPi.
Should be exactly vertical.
Then, the way I did it was to solder the pin to the hat.
Next…it needs to be placed in a position where the spring exerts some effort, so, with some pressure on the top of the pin, touch the soldering iron to the solder hole…the solder will melt and the pin will then move down / compress / etc., and while holding it in the (slightly) compressed state real still, remove the soldering iron and let the solder cool.
All done.

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Yes, the pogo pin only needs to be soldered to rpi3 or rpi4.

Video released :partying_face:

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