Allowed input voltages for ADC1015?

This shield has an onboard ADC1015 that I want to use. What input voltages are allowed when attached to a Pi?

I have a few MQ-X style gas sensors that output a 5V analog signal. Before I received the shield, I was using an MCP3008 ADC, but also had to use it with a step-down voltage circuit that dropped the signal from 5V to 3.3V, otherwise it would fry the Pi.

The ADC1015 specs allow anywhere from 3 to 6V inputs, but if it is a simply pass-thru to the Pi, then a 5V signal will fry it and will need to be stepped down to 3.3V. The Adafruit ADC1015 also requires a 3.3V only.

Thanks for the help!

Hi @vavourakis,

It allows 3.3V maximum input voltage.


Thanks. Using the ADC well. Just the ordering of the pins doesn’t look like 0-1-2-3, more like 1-0-2-3 or something. Not sure what the 5th pin is for, no documentation on it anywhere.