Adding a LTE/5G High Performance Antenna to outdoor project enclosure

I have an existing outdoor project running Pi4 with a SixFab cellular modem kit. The project is struggling with data connection using the existing antennas so I am exploring purchasing the high performance antennas to use for this project. My questions are:

Will these antennas make a large improvement?
Do I need to drill a hole in the side of my outdoor enclosure in order to install these new antennas?

A high gain antenna can make a big improvement, especially of you get a directional antenna and point it at your local cell tower. It will also help if you raise the antenna as high as possible.

Don’t know what enclosure you have, but I would imagine you need to drill a hole in your enclosure. Use a u.fl to N Type Female bulkhead pigtail cable with an O-ring to keep out the water. Then use a second cable to connect between your enclosure and the antenna.

Thank you! These are the items I currently have in my cart.