Active PPP connection and access to SMS functions

Is there a way to allow the PPP connection to come up automatically, but still have access to the AT commands on the M95 to allow for SMS communication from a separate program? Or how do I access SMS functionality on the M95 while PPP communication is active?

Will sending the ‘+++’ on the TCPIP stream drop the modem into command mode where AT commands can be issued followed by an ‘ATO’ to place the modem back into data mode? And how would that be done? Surely the ‘+++’ data would be encapsulated by some Ethernet header, making the required impossible. Perhaps some sort of ioctl() call?

Hi @winston,
Please see the following link:
Section 7.4.

I hope this helps you.

Hi @winston did you solve this? i have a similar question, though in my case I am using a PPP connection