Active, but not online

Followed instructions for installing a core hat (Telit ME910c1-ww) on Pi 3b. Sim shows “active” but offline. Not sure where to go from here. Please help.



If you activate the remote support setting of your device and share the support key with me, I can help you quickly. Could you PM me your remote-support token and SIM ICCID so that I can check and solve it? Thanks.

OK great. How do I PM you? Don’t see a button for that…

What was the solution to this problem? I’m having the same one.

If you’re using the ME910 modem for sixfab SIM then most likely you’ll never connect because it does not support NB-IoT bands, you have to use the LE910 modem.


Did you get any errors during the installation? If everything is installed correctly, do you have an internet connection? Is it through Wi-Fi or Ethernet? Is your device still offline despite having a Wi-Fi/Ethernet connection?

Sorry for the delay, I replied to the email and it got bounced. Here’s what I wrote:

Thanks for responding!

I’m getting an error during installation saying that the OS is not on a list of compatible OSes. But it’s the latest Raspberry Pi OS 64-bit 6.1 available from the Raspberry Pi website.

I’m seeing this on multiple devices now using this OS. Oddly, I have a device with the same OS but installed a few months ago and it shows up Online with all the device information. It’s just the new ones where I re-ran the CORE install on top of an image of the working device.

I just checked on Device-0007 and it shows up offline in CORE, but I can reach the device and confirmed that it is communicating over usb0, not wifi.

It feels like something in the agent/manager code is not happy with the latest Raspberry Pi OS?



I can confirm that Sixfab CORE is fully compatible with the latest version of Raspberry Pi OS. Most likely, you may have encountered the issue I mentioned below. This problem has been fixed.

It will not be experienced in new installations either. There may be a different underlying cause. I have sent you a PM for more detailed troubleshooting regarding your devices.