Active Antenna soldering Cellular IoT HAT – LTE-M & NB-IoT & eGPRS

I have Cellular IoT HAT and want to use active CiroComm 580 antenna. (Is it suitable for the HAT?)
FAQ for Cellular IoT HAT says - jumper must be soldered to use active antenna,See picture
However picture in FAQ does not correspond to a situation that I have, perhaps Old picture.
Please see my situation with jumpers on my HAT. Please confirm which exact jumpers I need to solder

thanks in advance,

Hi @dima,
Please, solder the jumper pads 3 and 4 in the picture.

Thank you.

thank you very much!
That worked out.

also I did not get GPS signal until I execute:
Power on the GPS antenna:
AT+QCFG=β€œgpio”,1,64,1,0,0,1​ // Enables GPIO 64 as an output OK
AT+QCFG=β€œgpio”,3,64,1,1​ // Sets GPIO 64 to logic level HIGH OK
AT+QCFG=β€œgpio”,2,64​ // Returns the current state of GPIO 64 +GPIO: 1

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