Access Pi Remotely

Hello, my project requires that I be able to request information from my pi and also to send commands to it.

I have the hat installed and can browse the web via cell data. I have noip setup to update my public address for my dns name, but I’m unable to hit the pi on the ip or dns address.

Is there additional setup to access the pi remotely?

sixfab core has a remote access feature. I haven’t used it.

You might also consider using tmate. In particular if you are comfortable with tmux.

Keep in mind that since a cellular connection can’t guarantee a fixed IP address and is likely behind some kind of address translation, you likely will never be able to ssh directly to your system. So you end up having to use some kind of reverse proxy trickery to get remote access.

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Consider a VPN, this way you can access it locally when it is connected.