5G Raspberry PI Cellular HAT/Kit

Is Six Fab planning to release Cellular Raspberry Pi HAT / Kit for 5G? If not, is the waveshare 5G kit good?


Our work on 5G HAT continues. We look forward to completing it as soon as possible and sharing it with you.

That’s exciting! Would love to see it in action.

Hi everyone!

5G Developer Kit for Raspberry Pi is on the way! :tada:

We are pleased to announce to Raspberry Pi 5G Development Kit, which we have prepared for use for 5G next-generation technology.

This kit includes everything you need to take the first step into the future of communication. With faster transmission speed, better payload and lower network latency, this kit offers a perfect 5G high-speed experience in many application areas.

The worldwide 5G Sub-6GHz coverage gets you going with high throughput. The kit has everything you need for a low-cost way to experiment with the advancement in communication. It supports M.2 modem cards that are available worldwide.

You can pre-order your Raspberry Pi 5G Development Kit directly from our webstore. Find out more here: :point_down:

Do not hesitate to contact us at hello@sixfab.com should you need any further information.

Hi. Would you sell the 5G hat on its own?

Yes, it can be purchased with the “without 5G modem” option from the product page. The HAT comes in kit only with required components like a USB bridge, enclosure and power adapter. Only these options are available.


I am wanting to purchase the RaspberryPi 5G Development Kit with the Modem. I am doing some research where I will communicate from one RaspberryPi through 5G to another RaspberryPi. My understanding is that I will need 2 x RaspberryPi and 2 x RaspberryPi 5G Development Kit with the Modem. Your site says I cannot order a RaspberryPi 5G Development Kit with the Modem.

I am assuming I can setup

  1. A point to point communication using 2 kits and modems
  2. Setup a network somehow with 2 kits / modems talking to a 3rd kit/modem acting as a hotspot. The third kit would be connected to a router.

I am not needing to connect to a 5G service. I just want to transmit data in a local non-internet connected network so I can test some sensor/actuator software over a 5G signal to a control computer. This is for research and not production use.

  1. If I cannot buy the modems, how can I setup this kit to communicate via 5G?
  2. If I need other modems, what is on your compatibility or recommended list?
  3. Can I use this equipment to setup a point-to-point communication between sensor/actuator to computer?

Sensor/Actuator → wired ---- RaspberryPi Development Kit → 5G ------> wireless tx/rx <----------- 5G ← RaspberryPi Development Kit → wired ---- Computer

  1. Can I use this equipment to connect a sensor/actuator and a computer through 5g to a router using your kits?


Hello and Happy Friday!

Just following up on this question. I emailed sales as well. I am ready to purchase. Can you address my questions above?


Hi @stephen ,

The Raspberry Pi 5G Development Kit can be back-ordered now. Please see here for compatible M.2 modules:

Theoretically yes, but since we haven’t tested it, I can’t say for sure right now, but we have a similar tutorial for other modem kits. The same steps may work for a 5G modem.


I just received the kit and I’m very excited to use it but where is this white plastic screw part that holds the M.2 module in place? Is that some standard part I need to order from McMaster Carr or something? I don’t seem to have that essential part.

Hi @nilesaviation ,

Please email to hello@sixfab.com with your order number and our team will contact you right away.