5G HAT - status

What is the status of 5G HAT? Is it in production or just a “developer kit”?

Ideally would like to source a 5G version of the 4G/LTE HAT currently in use.



The KIT is for the development and evaluation phase. The second batch of the KIT will be in stock very soon.

A Customized 5G board for production can be manufactured after the POC.

Thank you. I see the current version of the kit uses the Quectel module. Will there be a Telit version too?

The Telit Modules are not available. Moreover, the lead time from the OEM is not available.

Hence we will continue with Quectel only. Is there any particular reason for preferring Telit over Quectel?

The main reason is we’ve used one of your HATs with a 4G Telit module in a current product and we would want to ensure software continuity to the maximum extent possible if we upgrade to 5G.

If you can source the Telit module, you may consider purchasing the KIT without the module.

Thank you for the suggestion