5G Development Kit telit fn980 GNSS

Hello, is there some tutorial on how to set up GNSS for the development kit with the telit fn980 module? I have a clear sky view with the modem, but it is returning with no fix. “AT$GPSACP
$GPSACP: ,1,”

Thank You

Hello @tampierdavid ,

Do you have GNSS guide of Telit FN980 module?

The mentioned tutorial’s output could vary with different modules.
For Troubleshooting, we recommend checking the guide from the module OEM.

There is only “FN980 Family
SW user guide”, it has the section GNSS Management, but that is pretty sparse on specific configurations. Then there is “FN980 AT Command Reference Guide” but that does not exactly tell when & why should a specific command be applied. If anybody has a better guide, please give me a reference. Thank You

You are marketing that the 5G development kit should work and was tested with this module.:
So, I think it’s reasonable you would have tested its GNSS functionality with the dev kit.

Hello @tampierdavid,

Yes, we have tested both Quectel and Telit modules with the 5G development KIT. It’s important to note that the HAT serves as a bridge between the M.2 module and the Raspberry Pi, providing all necessary hardware compatibility. Additionally, the drivers and AT command guides are provided by the module OEM.

You may check if the GNSS antenna is connected firmly to the right port.
If the NMEA data can be read from the right interface let’s say via ttyUSB1.

Please also check with the module vendor.

Thank you.

The NMEA data can be read from ttyUSB1, but the problem is that I don’t have a GNSS fix.

Given the provided kit HW, I was thinking more about AT commands along the lines of how to configure the antenna configuration.

I am aware that the drivers and AT command guides are provided by the module OEM, but since you have the fn980 module as compatible and tested. I was hoping you would have the AT commands for the GNSS setup you tried.

I am not questioning whether it might be a HW issue, although I tested the wire connection with a multimeter.

I will try to get something from the OEM.

Thank You for your assistance

Hi, my mistake was assuming that this antenna https://sixfab.com/product/lte-5g-sma-high-performance-blade-antenna/ could also work for GNSS. Even though it covers the GNSS spectrum, the specs are probably unsuited for GNSS reception.

Solution.: Get a different antenna.

It might be helpful to note that in the 5G dev kit documentation, with a suggestion for a GNSS antenna.