4G/LTE connection does not work based on UART

Hi, connect the HAT and the 4G LTE Modem kit (Raspberry Pi 4G/LTE Cellular Modem Kit - Telit LE910C1-EU). My modem is working with USB connection but when i follow the instructions for UART the connection of the modem is not working. Any suggestion how to fix this?The solder joints are tested and are ok.


The Telit module cannot be used via UART with Base HAT.
The UART will work with modules where the RX TX are at PCIe pin 11 & 13.
Details available at the technical details of the base HAT.

Which module do i need from SixFab to work via UART? I bought the modem kit so that it could work. i’m a little bit disappointing that it does not.