4G/LTE bundle- Base Hat + EC25-A with Jetson Nano

I was wondering if the 4G/LTE bundle- Base Hat + EC25-A works with the Jetson Nano. I initially tried configuring it following Introduction but it kept throwing an error. I read in a prior post that the proper drivers aren’t installed with this method but was wondering if anyone had any luck getting the hat to work on Jetson Nano.

I got this working by following quectel’s install guide (this one is old). It involves compiling parts of the kernel (as a warning). The problem stems from NVIDIA basing their kernel on 4.9 instead of a more modern version.

HOWEVER, it doesn’t stay connected and even Sixfab’s systemd module that reconnects can’t keep up with the disconnect. I think it’s related to a power issue as the Jetson’s GPIO is not quite the same as the RPI.

It would be interesting if Sixfab had a suggestion for how to provide stable power to the hat bypassing the GPIO.