4G hat compatibility with different antenna?

Hello, I got gifted a 4G LTE hat and a EC25 module, I did not however get given any antennas. I have read on the sixfab website that I need the two linked below but incl shipping to UK this is almost 40 euros? do you know if I can use any other antennas? I also got given some adaptors that connect the u.FL to a larger jack that is used for computer wifi antennas, can something like that be used or must I use the sixfab ones? also can I use any normal UK 3G / 4G sim?

I’m trying to make a mini security system based on a raspberry pi and I need a cellular connection, no GPS or anything just 3G or 4G

Help would be greatly appreciated, Thank you in advance

Antenna 1: https://sixfab.com/product/lte-full-band-pcb-antenna-u-fl-plug-100mm/
Antenna 2: https://sixfab.com/product/lte-gnss-dual-u-fl-antenna/


We recommend using Sixfab LTE antennas that you mentioned. If you share the different antenna you will use, we can say you if it is compatible or not. You can use a normal UK 3G/4G SIM, but don’t forget to set up the APN.