3g/4g Base Hat Connection Issues

I can’t seem to get QMI working.

USB is connected, hat is connected. Red pwr led is bright solid. Blue stat led is very very dim solid.

Install had no errors. I get the same response on raspi 3b+ and 4b.

lsusb shows the Telit device.

ls /dev/tty* has a bunch of ttyACM devices showing up when its plugged in (ACM0-6).

I’m using the Telit LE910-SV V2

Output of

sudo ./quectel-CM -s wireless.twilio.com

[02-21_16:57:56:258] WCDMA&LTE_QConnectManager_Linux&Android_V1.1.45
[02-21_16:57:56:258] ./quectel-CM profile[1] = wireless.twilio.com///0, pincode = (null)
[02-21_16:57:56:262] Cannot find qmichannel((null)) usbnet_adapter((null)) for Quectel modules

Hello @stephen.smith,

Please change another SIM card to have a try. Then share the whole log.

Finally, make sure the antenna is plugged into the correct port.

I’ve tried two simcards, the Twilio one provided (which was activated) and a separate verizon prepaid one.

Everything is plugged in and turned on. I’m not sure how to tell the base hat is working. I’m guessing the stat LED has something to do with its status? I’m concerned that the LED is just a very dim blue, does that mean anything?

Again, I’m using a Telit module, will that cause problems in comparison to the quectel ones?

When using -f to store the log, these are the only contents. Is there a different log you would want to see?

[02-23_11:45:50:723] WCDMA&LTE_QConnectManager_Linux&Android_V1.1.45
[02-23_11:45:50:724] ./quectel-CM profile[1] = vzwinternet///0, pincode = (null)
[02-23_11:45:50:726] Cannot find qmichannel((null)) usbnet_adapter((null)) for Quectel modules

Hello Stephen,

The provided QMI drivers are for Quectel. In order to use the Telit module you should contact the OEM.

Thank you

So I did get pretty far with following OEM suggestions, but I’m having issues with the connection staying up for more than a couple seconds. See below for the order of events with NetworkManager.

I’m concerned that the device is shutting down as it completely disapears from the list.

The Hat lists the telit module as ‘compatible’ - is there anyone who has established a connection with these devices? Any advice on fixing this issue?



Reaching out to Telit, they’re saying its likely the 3.3V line is not configured correctly. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

According to Telit document,

The external power supply must be connected to the pins 2, 39, 41, 52

The HAT also has these pins connected to 3.3V.