USB Cable Problem

I have been using my 4G hat using the included short USB cable with the the right-angle connectors. I now need to switch up my configuration and I need to use a different cable that is a little longer. I have tried about 8 different cables and none of them work. They are good cables and work fine with other devices. They are good quality cables are not charge-only cables. One of them is only about 10 inches long. None of them are working.

Is there something special or proprietary about the USB cables included with the hats?

Hi tim, I have the same problem than you. The USB gets disconnected with other cables than the right-angle supplied.

I updated the quectel ec-25 module that I’m using with latest firmware, as there’s a bug regarding USB disconnects.

However, the problem is not fully solved. I seldom have discconnects, when requesting some mobile network operations (attach from paket domain network, for example).

Let’s see what Sixfab thinks about this.