Suggestion for 'Getting Started' page


I’m a newbie and have bought the ‘RASPBERRY PI 3G/4G&LTE BASE HAT’. On the Getting Started page, the hardware preparation instructions are fine but when it comes to the software the options we are given are:

  • PPP Installer for Base HAT
  • QMI Interface with Base HAT
  • Using Raspberry Pi Base HAT as a Wi-Fi Hotspot

My suggestion is that, particularly for the first two options, some guidance is given for which of them one might wish to use. I simply want to get the Pi to be able to reach the Internet and browse to it but which of these options should I use? A few words of guidance would be very helpful I think.


Hi Kitty,

Thank you for your feedback and suggestion. We will update it soon as per suggested.

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I see that you have already updated that page! Thank you very much indeed for this speedy work - I wish all companies worked like this!

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