Standalone installation for the LTE base without internet connection

I have a LTE Base HAT with the Telit LE910C* modem and a raspberry pi.
I’d like to make the first time installation without internet connection.
When I had an initial internet connection, I used this Setting up the PPP connection for Sixfab Shield/HAT
Now I’d like to bring the required files and install it locally.
Is there a REAL standalone installation script that I can use?
It means that I need all the pre-required packages offline.
I don’t care after the first installation to update them all to the current version, but I still need the first internet connection.

How can I do this?


Trying again - any ideas?


You can create it yourself by examining and modifying the source code.

Any way to include a version with all the dependencies included?
Then, after the first internet connection I’ll update everything.