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I recently purchased Cellular HAT Kit LTE/4G. I set it up, but according to your website it says that if I use the SIxfab SIM it would be completely free. Within the last 1 hour my credit has gone from $25 to $4.86. How could I make it so I don’t have to pay like your website says? According to your website, “The Sixfab CORE is free forever. There is no additional fee as long as you use Sixfab SIM connectivity.” Please let me know how to keep my connectivity free.

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Sixfab CORE is free for as long as you use a Sixfab SIM. It only supports Sixfab SIM for now. Sixfab SIM is charged per your data usage and active SIM. Sixfab CORE is a standalone software product.

As the product says, I have the Sixfab SIM. Right?

If I read the Sixfab CORE right, they listed the same item as I bought on amazon. (

@ensar if I purchase that sim card I dont have to pay right? Because I use another 200MB of data and im in negatives already.

The kit comes with a $25 free credit SIM, but you have to pay for your SIM usage. Using Sixfab CORE is optional.

I can use the Sixfab CORE? But its free right?

Ill buy the Sixfab SIM from the link you sent since I think you said its for the Sixfab CORE (if im correct)? I don’t know if I am understanding correctly but I think you mean if I buy the Sixfab SIM from the link you sent I will get sixfab core for free? Or is it always payment?

Sixfab CORE is free but not Sixfab SIM usage. If you want, you can set up a cellular internet connection to the device by following our other tutorials instead of CORE. Sixfab SIM can also be used alone, but CORE cannot be used without Sixfab SIM.

Wait so, what is Sixfab CORE then? Whats the point for it to be free when your still paying for the usage?

Here we explained it:

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