SIM_ABSENT, [Solved]

I tried 2 sim cards, 1) AT&T 2) TWILIO that comes with the package but either way when following the tutorial, I can not get an internet connection and get the SIM_ABSENT alert. When connecting with minicom and querying AT+CPIN? I get +CME ERROR: 13 I get this error with both sims and no sim inserted. AT&T sim card works in phone.

Attached is my setup: it has a pijuice hat under the sixfab but is being powered via usb (and battery), using Ethernet for connection.

I thought the PiJuice might interfere with it, after unplugging everything and switching the order of the hats it seems to see sim cards now, maybe it just needs a cold boot? Maybe some pins dont pass through on the pijuice hat? idk seems to work for now