ECM mode on EC25-AF


I am curious about a bit in the documentation:

This page says that ECM mode does not work with the EC25-AF. I got it because I wanted to be able to use band 71 with T-mobile if needed, but also possibly use Verizon cards if I wanted to as well. I was unable to find anything in the publicly available docs that says the EC25-AF does not support USB Ethernet Control model, so I was curious if one of the Sixfab folks could chime in and elaborate a bit on that part of the docs.

I was also unable to get QMI to work with the EC25-AF. PPP works properly, but its very slow (8Mbps up, 10Mbps down, when an iPhone with the same card gets about 40Mbps down)

Thank you!

Hi @tenkai.kariya,

This claim is based on the tests we have carried out with the modules, though the module OEM doesn’t provide any information regarding the ECM mode.

Which RPI, kernel version are you using? Could you please share any log of the QMI? Are you testing the device with T-Mobile?