3G/4G LTE base HAT with Raspberry pi with USB communication


I wanna try to use this shield with a raspberry pi 3 and RFM69Pi 433Mhz Raspberry Pi Base Station Transceiver (https://shop.openenergymonitor.com/rfm69pi-433mhz-raspberry-pi-base-station-transceiver/)
This transceiver Communicates with the Raspberry Pi via internal UART /dev/ttyAMA0 @ 38400 baud

I want to know if i could use the shield with USB and the RFM69Pi at the same time, I need to get some data from others sensors with RFM69Pi and publish them to internet with the shield.
Does this shield really use only USB communication to work?

And as both used UART communication to work, can I plug in as hat anyway and plug the RFM69Pi at the top of the hat and force to used usb communication? this is not to have 2 boxes (1=rpi + RFM69Pi, 1=the shield hat)

Thanks for your answer

Hi @gregory.semah,

Yes, you can use the Shield via USB and the RFM69Pi via UART. The Base HAT can be used via both USB and UART(modification needed for UART usage. – Link to FAQ
Since by default the HAT is designed for USB communication, you may attach the HAT to the RPi and RFM69Pi connections on it.

Thank you.